Current Projects


- CAMEROON/Dourum: Multi-purpose room furniture (103 chairs/53 tables/3 cabinets) 

- CONGO/Ilebo: 30 Juin Primary School 135 benches and desks

- CONGO/Kinshahsa: Fraternity College, Kinkole sewing mchines

CONGO/Kinshahsa: Fraternity College, Kinkole text books



2023 SJAA commissioned projects will be appearing soon:

- CONGO/Domiongo: New kitchen and refectory

- CONGO/Domiongo: Water cisterns for toilets

- CONGO/Ilebo: Ste Marie & Tshileya Anti-rust paint

- CONGO/Ilebo: Multi-purpose room

CONGO/Ilebo: St Jacques: Floors of new classroom

CONGO/Ilebo: Desks and chairs 

- CONGO/Ilebo: Anti-rust treatment for school roofing

CONGO/Domiongo: Sewing workshop  


2022 SJAA commissioned projects will be appearing soon:

- CAMEROON/Ngomessing: Forage i.e. water well 

- CONGO/Domiongo: Classroom refurbishment 


2019 SJAA commissioned project

- CONGO/DOMIONGO: Girls' dormitory at Lycee Sainte Marie (ongoing)




- SJAA continues to provide support to the schools in the Kasai (DR Congo) by providing funds for everyday expenses and for supplementing the meagre incomes of the teachers.



Saint Joseph's African Aid is a Registered Charity in the United Kingdom, Charity Number 1087768

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