The road from Ilebo to Bulongo

Ilebo to Domiongo is 60 miles, Domiongo to Bulongo is 27 miles.

This road has been left to the ravages of tropical rain storms. There are deep ravines which make the road almost impassable in many places. It is important to carry 3 spades or more so as 

to be able to dig your way out of ravines.During the rainy season it is easy to get stuck in the mud whereas in the dry season it is easy to get stuck in the sand! 


The photos below were taken on the way to Bulongo which took over 8 hours. This was due to a 3 hour delay when the Land Cruiser became stuck in the mud. The result is that the schools in Domiongo are very isolated. They are surrounded by rain forest.


The railway is not working. Trains are very few and liable to be derailed.

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