Educational Support

Teachers in schools in the Kasai region of DR Congo are extremely poorly paid - barely enough to live on. For some years, SJAA has provided all teachers at these schools with an annual financial supplement to ease their difficult conditions. Currently this support is offered at $160 per teacher. The teachers rely on this supplementary income simply to survive. 


In addition each school receives $600 from SJAA in order to allow it to function and to purchase basic needs.


Many teachers at St George's College and St George's Junior School, Weybridge, pledge a portion of their salaries to go some way to funding these subsidies.


These contributions ensure that many hundreds of children in an impoverished and remote region continue to receive an education.


Ecole Maternelle Marie la Berceuse, Ilebo

Ecole Primaire Saint Jacques, Ilebo

Lycée Sainte Marie, Ilebo

Institut Technique Commercial, Ilebo

Institut Pédagogique Disanka, Domiongo

Institut Technique Commercial, Domiongo

Collège Saint Joseph, Bulongo

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