These are the African Countries in which we operate:

DR Congo, Cameroon and Gabon


The Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire, is a country which has been damaged by years of corruption and civil wars. To distinguish it from the Republic of Congo, (a neighbouring country) it is referred to on this website as DR Congo. The area where SJAA is working is politically stable. SAAA is providing and maintaining classrooms in schools in remote areas; supporting poorly paid teachers; providing motorcycles for transport where none exists; providing cloth, sewing machines and sewing materials for sewing schools; providing medical supplies for a medical centre which has next to nothing. 




The extreme north of Cameroon is an impoverished, mountainous area currently threatened by the activities of Boko Haram which is active in the region. SJAA is financing deep wells in remote areas where a supply of clean, fresh water is a major problem; providing a vehicle which is desperately needed; building a womens' education centre; providing grain mills so that the local ladies have the opportunity to grind their maize without having to walk long distances.




Gabon is a relatively stable country but there are still needs and shortages. SJAA is providing sewing machines for a womens' education centre. Without the training and skills offered by this centre life choices for these women would be very limited.



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