The Trustees

Denzil Mascarenhas is the Chairman of SJAA. He has significant management and business experience in Logistics and IT and is also currently working with two other charities.


Pauline Carter is our Finance Director. Pauline has extensive management and charity accounting experience and is responsible to the Trustees for maintaining a careful overview of the Trust's finances in strict accordance with UK Charity law.


Joan Davies is originally from Karachi and has had a long career teaching and lecturing in Mathematics while bringing up a family.


Samantha Turner is a teacher at St George's College, Weybridge, working within the Religious Studies department. She is also an active and life-long member of the Salvation Army.  


Lisa Goring is a teacher at St George’s Junior School, Weybridge, where for many years she has been involved in fundraising, promoting awareness of global issues and community outreach campaigns. 


Greg Cole is the Bursar at St George’s Weybridge, following a first career in the Army.  He has extensive experience in leadership, strategy, planning and operational delivery.


Dr Alberto Ndumu is a risk management professional specialising in the financial services. He is a physicist by training and graduated from Imperial College London and Napier university Edinburgh. He hails from Cameroon and moved to the UK in the late 80s for studies. He is a father of 3; a daughter and two sons. He loves nature and loves walking and running in his spare time. He is passionate about charity work particularly those serving the needs of poor and underprivileged communities. 


George Sebastian is an experienced business professional in the Technology sector. He supports our communication initiatives and oversees the management of the SJAA website.


The Volunteers


Fr Robert Hamilton needs no introduction as the previous Chairman of SJAA's Board of Trustees for many years. Fr Robert now works as SJAA's Ambassador promoting the work of SJAA wherever he goes.



None of the Trustees or Volunteers of SJAA receive any remuneration for their services. Apart from the expenses of running the charity, which are minimal, 100% of any money donated is used to fund projects.

Saint Joseph's African Aid is a Registered Charity in the United Kingdom, Charity Number 1087768

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