College St Etienne, Kinshasa

SJAA has funded repairs to classroom roofs and ceilings in the primary school of College St Etienne, Kinshasa, DR Congo. Recent rains have damaged the roofs so badly that they are in danger of falling on the childrens' heads and there is no money available to pay for the repairs.


At the same school the toilets have not been refurbished in many years and are now unsanitary. SJAA has provided funds to do the necessary work.


In the infant department of the same primary school the little children have to work at desks designed for adolescents. This hampers their ability to learn to read and write. SJAA has provided 60 desks for these children.


In the senior department of the same school some of the classrooms are so badly lit as to be unusable in unfavourable weather conditions. SJAA has provided the necessary electrical equipment to light the classrooms.

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