Current Projects

At the moment (June 2020) SJAA has these projects in hand:


- CAMEROON: Medical Centre Furnishing   

- KINSHASA: Laboratory equipment, St Etienne (Complete)

- KOZA: Computers (Complete)

- ILEBO: Sewing Machines (Complete)

- BULONGO: Chainsaw (Complete)

- BULONGO: Blackboards (Complete)

- DOMIONGO: Girls' dormitory at Lycee Sainte Marie (ongoing 2019)




- We continue to provide support to the schools in the Kasai (DR Congo) by providing funds for everyday expenses and for supplementing the meagre incomes of the teachers.


- We continue to collect fabrics and sewing materials - scissors, zips, etc. - to send to several sewing schools in DR Congo. These schools give training in essential skills to Congolese girls and the materials we send are not affordable or easily obtainable in the areas where they are situated.

Saint Joseph's African Aid is a Registered Charity in the United Kingdom, Charity Number 1087768

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